What Does a Cracked Foundation Mean?

What does a cracked foundation mean? It means your home’s foundation has started to show signs of wear and tear. The cracks are usually the result of water evaporating from the concrete and can occur within the first month of the foundation’s pour. The wetter the mix, the more the concrete will shrink and cause cracks to develop. The simplest and least expensive way to treat a cracked foundation is to inject urethane or epoxy material into the crack, which will help seal the crack and prevent it from growing.

The most common type of foundation crack runs horizontally and can indicate serious structural damage. It can affect both brick and concrete block foundations. However, it is most common in brick and concrete block foundations. Even if your home is constructed of these types of materials, cracks in poured concrete can result in a number of problems. If you notice these issues in your home, call a foundation repair expert immediately. However, even if you’ve followed the recommendations of a foundation repair contractor, it is still advisable to contact a professional.

In most cases, a crack in the foundation wall is caused by excessive moisture in the soil surrounding the foundation. Cracks can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the location. Horizontal cracks, which admit significant amounts of water, usually indicate that backfilled soil is pushing against the foundation wall. This pressure can cause the foundation wall to buckle, which is a sign of weakened structural integrity. In some severe cases, the cracks can even cause total collapse of a home’s foundation.

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