What are die cut labels and how do they differ from regular labels?

Exploring the world of custom labels can be a little confusing. You will stumble over terms that you maybe haven’t heard before. And one term you are guaranteed to see is die cut labels. But what are die cut labels? And how are they different from other labels? We will answer these and more questions in this article, so buckle up!

1. What are die cut labels? 

Die cut is an old term that refers to labels being cut with a die. This die was custom-shaped and could cut hundreds of labels at once. Nowadays, the cutting happens digitally, but the word “die cut” still refers to a custom shape. So when you see die cut labels, you can think of them as custom-shaped labels.

2. And what are regular labels? 

Regular labels are labels that come in traditional shapes. These are mostly rectangular, square, round or oval. They are called regular because you can find these shapes everywhere and do not necessarily need to work with a custom printing company.

3. What are die cut labels printed on? 

Die cut labels can be printed onto any material. The term just refers to how your labels are cut (namely, in a custom shape), not what they are printed on. So if you want waterproof labels, you can choose a vinyl-based material or opt for a biodegradable paper if you want them to be sustainable – there are no limits!

4. Are die cut labels more expensive than regular labels?

They used to be when dies had to be custom-made. But not anymore. When you order custom labels online, you will pay for the material used. That means a) the cost of the material and b) the size of your label. The shape created or inks used is mostly irrelevant when it comes to pricing your custom labels.

5. When to use die cut labels

Use die cut labels to catch eyes. A custom shape helps your product labels stand out on a shelf or in a row of other products. If you want to make an impression and add some extra flair, go for die cut labels! We also recommend getting them cut in the shape of your logo to boost brand awareness while you are at it.

Do you have any more questions about die cut labels? Or maybe you want to explore the possibilities of custom labels further? Then let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

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