Three Possible Problems in School

One of the biggest problems facing the American public education system is funding. The majority of K-12 schools get funding from the state and local governments, which are largely generated through income and sales taxes. But funding has not kept pace with the growing need for worldnewshunt education. In many states, funding has not increased at all buxic, and programs and teachers have been cut. These budget cuts have led to reduced resources and diminished services, and teachers and school administrators have taken to strikes in order to gain more funding.

Another big issue for amazinginfo students is poverty. While teachers can do their best to educate students, poor conditions and low funding make a big impact on their development. Many students come from low-income families, which means they face additional challenges at home. In thewebgross addition, parents who have lower incomes have less time to focus on their child’s education.

Another problem for schoolchildren is school segregation. In the south, communities had laws that dictated magazineweb360 which schools white and African-American children were allowed to attend. The result was that most schools were either all white or all black. In addition, white schools received better funding than black ones. This de facto school segregation lasted until 1954, when the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed it with the Brown v. Board of fotolognews Education decision biographypark

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