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How to Organize Storage Area For Bulk Items

If you frequently buy items in bulk, you need to create a dedicated storage area to store them. If possible, make a cabinet or closet to store your bulk items. Having these items stored in one area makes it easier to see when you’re running low on certain products, and it also helps to keep all of your large items in one place. If you don’t have a dedicated space, consider adding a storage shelf to your garage, basement, or mudroom. Don’t forget to label the bins for foods, too.

The bins themselves come in various shapes and sizes. Some can be nested, which allows you to stack them vertically. Stacking bins vertically will maximize your storage space. Other types are designed to sit open on a shelf and are great for small items. Be sure to label them properly before you put them away. Listed below are some storage tips to help you get started. Take note of the different kinds of bins you use in your home.

When organizing a storage area for bulk items, keep in mind the seasons. For instance, storing clothing for the winter will require more trips to the storage area than for other items. To avoid this, place your seasonal clothing in the front of the unit in well-labeled boxes. Organize your storage space to minimize the amount of steps employees must take in order to fulfill orders. Using fewer steps in an efficient manner will make the process faster and less physically taxing.

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