Die Cut Stickers vs Kiss Cut Stickers—What to Choose for Your Brand Promotion? 

Custom stickers are one of the most popular and effective marketing and brand promotion tools. But when choosing between die cut and kiss cut stickers, it’s important to understand their differences to decide which is best suited for your needs. Both types of stickers offer advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re looking to accomplish with your promotional materials, so let’s take a closer look at each type to determine which is right for you.

What is a die cut sticker? 

A custom die cut sticker is not just any ordinary sticker, my friend. It’s a cut above the rest! Literally. This type of sticker is individually cut to a specified custom shape, making it stand out from traditional square or rectangle stickers. Want your brand logo to be a funky geometric design? Go for a die cut sticker. Want to promote your new album with a sticker in the shape of a guitar? Die cut is the way to go. Plus, the level of precision in the cutting process ensures that your sticker looks flawless and professional.

What is a kiss cut sticker? 

Ah, the ever-elusive kiss cut sticker. What makes this sticker different from its die cut counterpart? A kiss cut sticker is individually cut through the material layer only, leaving the backing paper fully intact. This means that you can have a super detailed design without worrying about how difficult it might be to peel. So, if you want to add a touch of finesse to your brand promotion, go for a kiss cut sticker.

What is the difference between a die cut and a kiss cut sticker? 

To keep it short, the difference between a die cut and kiss cut sticker is in the way they are cut. A die cut sticker is cut all around the stickers, whereas a kiss cut sticker in only cut through the material layer, which leaves a border around the custom-shaped, peelable part of the sticker.  Have a look at the difference below.

What do they have in common? 

Die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers are both custom cut. You can use them to create any shape you can think of for your stickers. And just like with other custom stickers, you can still choose:

  • the material your stickers are printed on
  • the size of your stickers
  • the amount of stickers you need
  • the design your stickers will have

When to use which sticker

When it comes to using die cut stickers over kiss cut stickers, it all boils down to your design needs and how you want to use them. If you want to make a bold statement and show off a unique shape or design, die cut stickers offer the precision and customization you need. Their ability to be cut to any shape means you can create eye-catching stickers that stand out from ordinary shapes.

However, if you want an intricate design with a lot of detail, kiss cut stickers may be the better option. Their backing paper ensures easy peelability, making them a great choice for designs with small parts or intricate details. Choosing between die cut and kiss cut stickers depends on your design goals and preferences, so be sure to choose wisely!

In conclusion, die cut and kiss cut stickers both offer unique advantages depending on the type of design you’re looking for. Die cuts are great for bold shapes or designs that need to stand out, while kiss cuts are ideal when intricate details or small parts are involved. No matter which type of sticker best suits your needs, customizing them with your own design is sure to make a lasting impression! So why not give it a try today?

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